Unexpected Trilogy

Have you found happiness?

Do you understand it?

The Unexpected Trilogy is a series of three epics I’ve created about finding happiness in a relationship.

~1~ the ending – the first book in the series, introduces you to the relationship of two people who are seemingly happy. It follows the couple throughout their last day and one of them tries to understand happiness and whether or not they’ve found it.

You can purchase the paperback version here for $6.00

You can purchase the e-book version here for $0.99

Or you can start reading for FREE here on the site.


~2~ somewhere in the middle  – the second book in the series, switches perspectives and gives deeper insight into the relationship and why things have ended.

E-book and paperback coming soon.

For now, enjoy the posts here on the site.

somewhere in the middle cover (actual)

~3~ the beginning – the final book in the series, follows the couple moving on in attempts to find true happiness.

E-book, paperback, and posts coming soon!

the beginning cover

If interested, I’d be happy to send you a free copy of either of these for a review.


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