Unexpected Trilogy

Have you found happiness?

Do you understand it?

The Unexpected Trilogy is a series of epics I’ve created about finding happiness in a relationship. The first epic is titled “the ending” and is broken into three separate parts–the ending, somewhere in the middle, and the beginning.

~1~ the ending – the first epic, introduces you to the relationship between two people who are seemingly happy. It follows the couple throughout their last day and one of them tries to understand happiness and whether or not they’ve found it.
~2~ somewhere in the middle  – the second epic, switches perspectives and gives deeper insight into the relationship and why things have ended.
~3~ the beginning – the final epic, follows the couple moving on in attempts to find true happiness.


It is available in both, paperback and ebook format. You can find it by going to Amazon, or by clicking here.

You can also read the ending here on the blog. The first part–the ending--is posted in its entirety. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll continue to post somewhere in the middle and the beginning.

The next book in this trilogy is called, You and Your Home. I’ve started working on it and I’m excited to continue it.


Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or reviews on my writing at aquiawrites@gmail.com.


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