somewhere in the middle 8

…i left the room alone went back into the bedroom and closed the door tried to slam it but had no energy left in me i left the room alone the image of you curled into the couch gripping the seat digging your fingernails into the flesh of your hand biting your lips enough to […]

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somewhere in the middle 7

…it was time because dragging out the day made it worse i couldn’t paint ceilings anymore or start fires or catch falling clouds it was time because dragging out the day made it worse so i stood and you noticed something seemed off so you sat upright thought better and leaned into the couch needed […]

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somewhere in the middle 6

…we were sitting there you on the couch me with my back against the window we were sitting there and your legs were thrown over the couch a book in your hand and you couldn’t focus but we were sitting there the space seeming empty our tongues dried so quiet that the crackling of the […]

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somewhere in the middle 5

…half the morning went by and we went back inside and you made me breakfast this time because you needed to do something with your hands you said sitting still would overload the thoughts so i sat on the stool and watched you move trying to find the words the movements to override the thickening […]

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somewhere in the middle 4

…you joined me in the grass and it made the day more painful because i couldn’t walk away when i needed to you joined me in the grass and my throat squeezed when your fingers found mine laced through and tightened i wasn’t prepared for lost of breath of new sights of life that were […]

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somewhere in the middle 3

…i got out of bed because the air was feeling too thin and i could feel the remnants of screams racing up my throat so i left the room walked through the closing hallway past the white kitchen that you used to paint bright with your smile and out into the morning i tried standing […]

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somewhere in the middle 2

…we were laying there i was watching you you were watching me and i wanted this memory to last forever because i didn’t know where things would be after the day so i lifted my hand for my fingers to glide across your cheek and you raised your hand to stop me said that you […]

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