somewhere in the middle 6

…we were sitting there
you on the couch
me with my back against the window
we were sitting there
and your legs were thrown over the couch
a book in your hand
and you couldn’t focus
but we were sitting there
the space seeming empty
our tongues dried
so quiet that the crackling of the heat popped in my ears
but i didn’t say a word
for my dried tongue and tied knots
i couldn’t say a word
because this wasn’t the right time
and i didn’t know exactly when that would be
but memories were something i knew i’d cherish
and i didn’t want to ruin this memory for you
that time in the summer
when the sun was leaving
and so was the orange of your eyes
and you were sitting on the couch
me against the window
and paint was on your fingertips
and your canvas was your inner child
and blues mixed with greens
and purples
and reds mixed with whites
and nothing was ordinary
except everything seemed to be
and there was a smile on my face
because your lips were upturned
and you got up from the couch
picked up the paint
dropped the canvas
made your way over slowly
shadows catching your curves
the curls in your crown
but did nothing for the smile
and you got up from the couch
made your way over to me
got on bended knees
and dared to mark my face
showed me where all the things you loved rested
and i couldn’t close my eyes
because i was mesmerized by your love
and the dark pink behind your eyes
and i locked away this moment
the moment when you pulled me away from the windows
and the ceiling was being painted…


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