somewhere in the middle 5

…half the morning went by
and we went back inside
and you made me breakfast this time
because you needed to do something with your hands
you said sitting still would overload the thoughts
so i sat on the stool and watched you move
trying to find the words
the movements
to override the thickening silence
because my thoughts were starting to spill over
so i stood
turned on the radio
drowned out the thoughts
pushed aside the pretty curtains
opened the windows
and pulled you to me
you tried to resist
but that gleam behind the pain told me that you needed this as much as i did
so our bodies became one
and your head was against my chest
and we were swaying to the beat of the song
and i couldn’t hear your whispers
and you couldn’t see the tears that were welling in my eyes
and for that i was grateful
i don’t remember how long we stayed there like that
but i did remember the flames
and how the blood was boiling
and how you ran over
and i stood still
knowing they needed to be put out
just not knowing how to do it
i promise you weren’t the only one who saw them…


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