Your Mind

I was always wondering about your thoughts the ones about me the ones about me and you i would wonder how you thought about yourself from time to time. Cause with me you always made it seem like you were this high and mighty thing you know? like i was beneath you like everyone was […]

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Your Bed

You left a trail of crushed up roses leading to your bed there were some candles that lit the halls on the way there your face looked scarier by candlelight the bed was queen sized but with you, i preferred a king there was more room for my feelings for my body to not be flush […]

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For You!!

I hope you’re taking care of yourselves. I hope that you’re following your dreams. I hope that you’re diving into and losing yourself in your passions–don’t drown though. I hope you are covered and filled with light. That you are inspired and motivated and all the things. I hope you’re still writing. And if not, […]

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Words and Things 2

Today is January 6, 2018. It is 10:04pm. I am just now welcoming the new year. I can just now see opportunities that are still almost within my reach. I’ve been thinking a lot about the sky lately. Gray skies in particular. They don’t always mean rain. It’s like all I wanna do is sit […]

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Words and Things 1

Today is January 5, 2018. It is 9:28pm. I thought about the color yellow a lot today, and you’ve been avoiding your computer. I think it may be my new favorite color. Maybe blue isn’t fit for me right now. We’re not talking about the bright yellows here, maybe more muted tones or darker yellows. […]

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when you come back to me

when you come back to me keep your arms tucked in i don’t need you to reach for me anymore when you come back to me keep your lips pressed together long after i have spoken my piece i need you to sit on these words repeat them roll them over your tongue see how they […]

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The Stream Has Ended

So here’s the thing, You’re a writer and it’s hard for you to write for ten straight days. You promise yourself that you’ll write more and try to shoot for every day and you’re good for six and then you miss three and make it up by doing two more and then you almost forget […]

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